Volledig portret gezocht van Markéta Ledererová

Markéta Ledererová was the mother of Dascha and the grandmother of Jindra and Françoise, and originally came from Czechoslovakia. Because of World War II she, alone and with just a few possessions, had fled to the Netherlands, and built up a new life here. She did not speak to anyone about her past in Czechoslovakia, and everyone remembers her as a sweet, warm woman. Because of the great love for her and the desire for more information about her background, Jindra, Françoise and Dascha decided to discover pieces of her history a few years ago. The outcome, however, became greater than they had ever expected, and the admiration for Markéta grew to such an extent that they want to bring this story into the world.

For this documentary I will follow the family members in their research, which also takes them abroad. The final outcome of this research is still uncertain, but every discovery is a new step for them in the unraveling of Markéta Ledererová’s hidden identity. It is an honour to witness their research and to show this with my cinematography, and I am pleased with the artistic freedom I have in this special project. There are many plans, and from time to time I will write and show something about this.